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About us

Since 1992 we, as a company, have actively provided a wide range of financial audit services and other attestation services within the competence of chartered accountants.
During this time we have won the confidence of many companies, who entrusted us with the task of auditing their financial statements and accounts.
Our team are experienced professionals who can provide you with competent and polite service:

Wiesław Rychter  graduated in the field of Finance and Accounting from Poznań University of Economics. He has obtained extensive professional experience as a chief accountant in Polish and foreign-owned companies. He completed Polish and foreign courses, for example a seminar and obtained the Certificate in “Accounting and management in the American practice”, which took place in New York. He also has seven years’ experience in providing expert opinions for courts in issues concerning composition and bankruptcy proceedings, valuation of contribution in kind, examination of transformation plans etc.

The passion of the owner of the company is sport and participation in cycling competitions and duathlon in Poland and abroad.

Henryka Rychter graduated in Finance from Pawel Wlodkowic University College in Plock. She has many years’ professional experience as the Manager in the Elbląg branch of the foreign company Raab Karcher. In the activity of the company, she provides assistance in examining financial statements and preparing analyses and business plans.

We also work with lawyers, experts in economic law and chartered accountants as needed.

We provide consulting services to small and large companies, ensuring comprehensive support, recommending effective accounting and tax solutions suitable for the specific business of our Client. We are doing our best to make our reliability and competence work for the benefit and development of your company.

As part of our cooperation, we guarantee our professionalism, reliability, commitment, complete confidentiality of disclosed information and timely contract performance.

You are very welcome to work with us,

On behalf of the company
Wiesław Rychter

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