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Services offered:

  • auditing annual financial statements;
  • auditing consolidated financial statements of groups of companies;
  • auditing and reviewing interim financial statements;
  • auditing consolidation packages;
  • auditing plans for mergers, demergers or transformation of companies;
  • review of accounts;
  • development of accounting policies;
  • design and implementation of company chart of accounts;
  • assistance in developing documentation flow principles;
  • day-to-day financial and accounting consultancy;
  • expert opinions on business and finance issues;
  • auditing projects implemented with the use of EU funds;
  • tax consultancy;
  • providing other attestation services whose provision is restricted to chartered accountants.

We audit financial statements in accordance with the standards for valuation of assets and liabilities adopted by your company pursuant to:

  • the Accountancy Act;
  • International Financial Reporting Standards.

We can also provide our services in English.

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